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Traveling and summer are usually synonymous. There are simple things you can do to ensure that you aren’t caught off guard when traveling for a day, week or longer and can continue to stay on target with your health goals. What should you pack along when traveling? Depending on the amount of time you’ll be on the road there is a list of items that I tend to always pack and different foods that lend themselves to traveling. Prepping food for a trip does take time, but when you are attempting to change your eating habits to include more whole food, this time is well spent. 

I always pack a refillable (stainless) bottle – this one from hydroflask (is an oldie but trusted and true through many hours of travel) is insulated for both hot and cold beverages which I can easily fill with water at fountains or water stations. Most water fountains in airports have the option these days, if not look for a restaurant and ask them to fill it (they usually will).

Fresh fruit and veg: an apple, cut up carrots, celery, a green tipped banana, cherries & apricots also pack well. If I bring along blueberries they are packed in a glass storage container which can double as a bowl on the go.

Raw Nuts: a mix of raw, unsalted nuts usually find their way into my carry on. I only bring a couple of handfuls as I know I could easily eat a whole bag if given the chance but provide me with some healthy protein and fats during the trip. 

Whole food bars: @rxbar is one of my favorite go tos for an easy, delicious snack on the go. No mess and no crazy ingredients lists to read through and different flavors. Real food, real taste, really yum. (no I’m not sponsored – I just really like their product). There are plenty on the market find the ones with the least amount of ingredients and try them out. This bar can be found in my purse on a daily basis, just in case I’m caught out and about without a chance to get a meal.

Spoon: I bring along a teaspoon and another item I pack in my purse on most days because you never know… A spoon of this size affords you the opportunity to buy a yogurt on the go, gelato, or cut up an avocado in flight (hello healthy, yummy fats) and eat it without making too big of a mess and being able to ditch the plastic ones. 

Tea: A selection of tea bags can make the difference when you have a longer layover between flights or upon arrival at your destination Pack along your favorites; they hydrating, soothing to your gut, and can help boost your immune system during the long travel days.

Wherever your destination is this summer you’ll be ready for whatever the day or flight has in store for you. What’s your favorite item to help keep you on track while traveling? 

When visiting a new place I usually try and find an organic grocery store first (and usually do a bit of research before I go), that way I can stock up on foods that I know I can tolerate and will find produce for a good price. Here in Europe, there are fruit stands everywhere and you can also usually find fruit that is easy to consume without having to wash it first: bananas, clementines/oranges etc. On my recent explorations in Italy, I visited both the Mercato Centrale in Florence and Campo de Fiori in Rome. The selection was over the top and provided me with fresh farm to table veggies as well as healthy snacks for on the go.

On a daily basis, I include a water bottle and usually either a small handful of nuts, a piece of fruit or something equivalent to an RXBar or Raw Bite (Luna) Bar (also easy to make with just a few ingredients) just in case I’m out longer than expected. 

Here are some other foods to think about packing along on your next trip without Boiled Eggs: Peel them and store in a glass container or in a storage container. (If you’re traveling on a long haul flight salt packs are usually included in the meal trays)

  • Avocado – use a spoon to cut along the outside, twist open and enjoy.
  • Whole fruit: also easy to purchase once you’ve reached your destination.
    • Apples
    • Mandarins
    • Bananas (look for green tipped – won’t bruise as easily)
    • Cherries or Blueberries
    • Nut/Fruit Mixes:  be mindful of the amount you are consuming over a short period of time.
      • Local Markets (Trader Joe’s, Voll Corner Bio, Moore Wilson’s, Aldi) all have a variety of fruit and raw nut mixes.
      • Or make your own combination with Coconut, Cashews, Almonds, Sancha Inchi Seeds, etc. Dried fruit:
        • Dates (max 3 per “snack”)
        • Cranberries
        • Apricots (un-sulfured)
        • Dark Chocolate: For those moments when you need something sweet. Look for a bar that has at least 85% cocoa and lists chocolate as the first ingredient.

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