Are you busy?

How busy are you on a scale of 1- 10? A 6 … maybe an 8 on some days? School has started back for some families, getting back from summer holidays for others and getting back into the swing of work.

Being busy has become a sort of status symbol in the recent years in our society. It can show that we are in demand, important and ‘winning at life’!

Let’s talk for a bit about “not having enough time.” A response that I have gotten when I ask what is holding people back from eating clean or prepping meals and more often than not the answer is: “I’m just too busy…”

The word I’d like to address is priorities. All too often, people say they can’t eat healthy because they don’t have “time” to cook. Now I understand if you are picking up x, y, z from practice and you work until X o’clock every night or travel for work, it may be a bit tough to manage. And as with any habit that has formed, change can be hard. Instead of telling yourself “I don’t have time.” Use the key phrase “I’m not making this a priority.” It sounds a bit different doesn’t it? Carving out 20-30 minutes a night to prepare a fresh healthy meal is doable if you make it a priority. Changing these habits can be challenging. Do you need help with ideas or recipes? That’s what I’m here for … to help make the shift easier and more doable.

What is your favorite meal? Have you ever prepared it at home? If not, why not? Look for a recipe and give it a go in your kitchen. Make a double batch and have some for lunch tomorrow.

Ideas to slowly make some priority shifts to give you more time:

  • Be more intentional with the choices you make.
  • Make a list – what is important to you that you may not ‘have time’ for at the moment? It may be to eat more healthy or it may be something else. Choose one thing to change – carve out some time for it this week.
  • Designate 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening with your illuminated device to have a scroll through social media. That’s it – how much time did you just gain back of your day?

Looking at how you can start to support your body not only with nutrition but also with choices that alleviate stress, create mental space for appreciating what’s happening in the present is important and necessary for a more balanced life.

Send me an email and let me know what your priority shift will be in the next weeks!

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