Get your greens.

Now that spring is in full swing (in the northern hemisphere) we are experiencing longer days, lighter mornings and the trees are in full bloom. Start looking for all the fresh varieties of vegetables that are on display at your local farmer’s markets. I am still in California for a few days and looking forward to the local market here tomorrow to see what this region has to offer. Speaking of farmer’s markets, be on the lookout for an event in June where we will explore a local market in Munich and come together and cook an early summer meal together.

Back in January (still seems like yesterday) I wrote about intentions and changing health habits and how they can occur or be started at any time of year. Have you started making a change? What priority did you set for yourself over the last months? Was it to get more sleep? Drink more water? Only drink two cups of coffee instead of 4? Whatever intention you set for yourself check in and see how you are doing with it.

If you haven’t started to shift some of your priorities – why not? What’s holding you back? I know that you may be pushing it to tomorrow or the weekend (or …insert your excuse here), but as I said back in January there never will be a perfect time to start (and “not having enough time” isn’t an excuse – that’s the whole reason we need to shift priorities.) I will be 100% honest and tell you that the road to shifting your health priorities rarely if ever is a smooth one. There is a saying: ‘One step forward and two back.” But here’s the thing… there will be forward motion. Start where you are and take the first step.

Perhaps your intention was to include more fresh vegetables in your diet. If that’s the case then this is the season, read on and discover some vegetables that may not be on your radar yet.

Green vegetables provide you with plenty of vitamins (C, K, A, E & B9 [folate]) and minerals like iron, calcium, potassium zinc and magnesium to name a few. Green veggies also provide you with fiber to help feed the good bacteria in your gut. Most importantly the bright green color is a sign of antioxidants like glutathione which supports the immune system, allows for proper protein synthesis, decreases free radical damage, metabolizes toxins and transports them out of the body. Find some of the stars of the season below.

Whether your spring picks include arugula, swiss chard (silverbeet), or any of the below-mentioned greens, spring is the time to enjoy them and try something new. What’s your favorite springtime vegetable?

Check out May workshops in Munich below and watch for dates for my next healthy eating club also Munich in May. If you haven’t joined in the past, I’d love to see you. I’ll be sharing locations and times on my facebook page in the upcoming weeks.

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Thanks as always for reading, looking forward to providing you with interesting and nourishing bites in the upcoming months.

Pay attention to what your body needs, this could be more water, more fresh vegetables or more sleep. Make a change and notice the difference.

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