Gratitude for everything.

As we enter into the holiday season, it seems to be the time of year when everyone focuses on gratitude. There are so many things to be thankful for. Having gratitude every day all day is not something that is sustainable. But having gratitude for the things that either are in abundance or may even have taught you something (overcome an obstacle, something that may not have gone your way) over a day can be a habit to create and maintain.

How is your daily gratitude practice? Do you stop and consciously take note of the things around you that make your life as amazing as it is? Do you take stumbling blocks, things that don’t go as you planned as a learning experience rather than something that “makes you mad”?

When I say things that make your life as amazing as it is, it can run the gamut from the electricity to turn on lights in your home, to the hot water that you enjoyed in your shower this morning, to your favorite son/daughter/sibling/friend/relative that you may get to spend time with over the next week, to nourishing and supporting your body with the best foods to ensure you continue toward your health goals.

There is quite a bit of research out there how gratitude has a number of health-promoting benefits. It helps lower inflammation, improves immune function and can lower stress hormones like cortisol in your body. Incorporating gratitude into your everyday life lowers blood pressure, improves physical and mental health. When you are less stressed your digestive system can absorb nutrients from the food you eat.  As some of you get ready to eat some big meals over the next days absorbing all available nutrients is definitely a bonus!


Here are three easy ways to start a practice of gratitude:

1) Use an empty journal and write down three things you are grateful for at the end of the day. This is a great routine to get into before bed. You can do this on your own, with your partner, or even start it with your little one.

Anything goes, the green light on the way to work, the cup of coffee your work mate brought you or that you made yourself and the time you took to make it for yourself., the hug you weren’t expecting from your little one, the super tasty meal your partner or you prepared

2) Use Post its and an empty glass Jar. This one is an easy one to incorporate into your busy day. A post-it pad fits easily in your bag and ideas can be jotted down quickly and easily when you have a moment or two.

Jot down things on the go or at work and stick them in a jar when you get home. You can go back at any time and relive these moments – this is basically a journal in a jar. Keep it near the front door, near your bed or somewhere you will notice it and can add to it easily. 

3) Set a reminder on your phone.

Still having trouble getting into a habit of gratitude? Set a daily reminder on your phone, at a certain time, when you get home etc. to get you to stop and take note of what you are grateful for.


Gratitude doesn’t just have to just happen at the end of the year if you start (or maintain) the habit of practicing gratitude in your daily life and throughout the year you will notice the abundance around you.

What is your gratitude practice plan? Send me an email and let me know!

“Gratitude creates abundance.”

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