Late summer…

… is the start of early fall.

One of the things that I love about living in this part of Europe is the distinct seasons we have. It’s warm (yes, hot) at the moment but enjoying the sun, being outdoors, enjoying all the fresh produce that is on offer and the new crops that are popping up are all reasons to appreciate the season we are in. It won’t be long until we are all back in jeans, long sleeves and scarves – so I will savor these days ahead.
The heat wave that started out this month has continued and I’m not complaining one bit. Because of the heat, I’m making sure that I always have a water bottle when I’m out and about. Check out some fresh ideas to infuse your bottle of water with some delicious combinations of fresh herbs, fruit, and vegetables below.
Just this last week I noticed a shift at the farmer’s market. The first Hokkaido pumpkins, early sweet potatoes & butternut squash were on display (some of my favorites). I resisted this week, as it’s still a bit too hot to focus on roasting veggies, but I did opt for some delicious watermelon.
New crops of apples are on offer as is the delightful Mirabelle plum which ripens in August and the dark purple plum varieties: Pflaumen and Zwetschgen.
With the shift in what’s being offered at the market, there is also a shift as people start coming back from holiday. If you have or know school-age children August/early September marks the beginning of another “year”, even though it’s technically the second half of the calendar year. For the rest of us that get out the door to work every day, there’s a possibility that you are coming back from holiday in the next weeks and starting back after some time off. Getting back to a schedule doesn’t necessarily need to be a negative – there are many reasons why having a schedule keeps us on track and makes projects and goals attainable.
Setting yourself up for success with your nutrition takes some planning, time and definitely some dedication. If you have been wanting to make a change, this month is a great time to start. There are plenty of in-season options at the market. Have a look below at some easy ways to incorporate some of this produce into your week. The more fresh vegetables you can get into your day the better.
If you’ve been wanting to try but aren’t sure how or where to start, or you’re ready to start reaching your health goals this fall, get into touch as I’m once again accepting new clients.
“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”
If you are living in the states and wondering why you haven’t seen the Mirabelle plum around… there is an actual federal ban in the US on Mirabelle plums due to its designation as a “protected origin” food.- which was surprising for me and thought I would share.

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