Not sure WHEN to start?

Now, today. Nope, it’s not next week or next month or when you feel like you will have ‘more time’ to devote to yourself. It’s today.

Not sure WHERE to start? Then you are in the right spot. (Hi, I’m glad you’re here!)

Here, (or wherever you may be… at home, at work, on vacation!) Not located close by? That’s ok! I work with clients in all areas of this wonderful world.

What can I expect?

You can expect support, guidance, accountability, tough love (if you need it) and honesty from me. You are here because something isn’t working. Or maybe you’ve tried the latest “trend” (insert any fad diet you’d like here) saw results but have only slipped or “fell off the wagon”. The work (yes, work) you do and the consistency, commitment, and openness to make changes all support you in reaching your goals.

 How soon will I see results? How many kg/lbs can I expect to lose?

There is unfortunately not a magic pill (food/activity) that I can suggest that will shed kgs/lbs. Because everyBODY is different what works for you may not work for someone else and that is one of the main reasons I don’t run a 30-day program promising “x” amount of weight loss in a month. My focus is sustainable habit change that benefits your overall health. Most clients see changes within the first month but lasting changes can be seen after 3 months.

Do I really need you to cook for me?

No, you don’t. But I find that at times the systems and habits in and around the kitchen can also be improved and/or simplified by looking at ingredients/condiments that you are cooking with as well as looking at the processes that are used to cook meals. It makes the sometimes overwhelming transition easier and you are able to see what goes into each dish. And yes, this does work remotely (thank you FaceTime/Skype/WhatsApp.)

What do I need to do?

You need to be ready to make a LASTING change. Without this, anything we attempt and try to change will not work. That’s plain, real, honest talk. If you are really ready then I am excited to work with you.

At the present time, I work with clients on a minimum of a three-month basis. I find it takes at a minimum this long to start to address your main health concerns and work toward them in a manageable way. Have a quick think about how long you have had the issue(s) you are thinking about addressing at the moment. How long has it been an issue/problem in your life? (This didn’t just happen overnight, did it?) You need to allow your body the time it needs to heal and the only thing I can tell you for certain is that it takes time! 

Why would you wait to get your energy back or be able to sleep through the night again? Has something just not felt right lately? Listen to your body.

Taking care of yourself and supporting yourself in health will benefit not only you but those around you. You will have more energy to spend time with your family and friends and/or get outside and enjoy the upcoming seasons.                                  

Imagine getting rid of that heavy feeling after eating.

This isn’t a diet that you will complete or finish. Working together is a way to transform your daily nutrition to one that serves you and your body best.

Are you ready for a positive change?

Imagine sleeping through the night, waking up BEFORE your alarm and rested.

Each person has their own individual blueprint of what works for them. I am here to guide and help you in an individual capacity that focuses on you and your needs. Working gradually to make lasting changes that don’t rely on following a diet, rather that support and allow your body to function at its best.

We will work together to change your relationship with food and reach your health goals.

Imagine having energy throughout the day without the need for that late afternoon coffee (or three) to keep you going.

Whether those goals include losing weight, eating better, improving general health and well-being, having more energy, optimizing athletic performance, recovering from injuries, or being more focused, I will be there to support, encourage and work with you.

Do you want to learn to create healthier meals that taste great and/or have assistance in navigating the sometimes overwhelming task of food shopping and making healthier choices on a daily basis? Working together will make the transition easier.

Imagine not having any belly bloat after you eat.

Over the last fours years, my focus has been on each of my client’s needs. To make lasting changes, we focus on incorporating energy-dense foods that are seasonal and working on habit change in a sustainable manner.

As every package is individual, your specific needs will be met, and includes: 

  • Individual nutritional analysis

  • Weekly in-person/Skype meetings

  • Goal Setting

  • Accountability

  • Focus on sustainable habit change

  • Text, phone, email support

  • meal plans

  • shopping lists

  • recipes

  • pantry make-over

  • food store/farmer’s market tours/shopping trips

  • cooking lessons

  • personal chef service

Meeting once a week in person, to cook and plan together taking small steps and turning changes into sustainable habits of health. Please send me an email to inquire about current rates.

**NOTE: May 8, 2019: The next available date I am able to take on new clients is July 2019 – don’t be left out I only have a few spots that are opening up! **