Spring clean.

The start of meteorological spring was March 1st, however, the astronomical season of spring or the spring/autumnal equinox starts today, where we are halfway between the start of winter and summer.  To top that off, the last super moon of 2019 will be up in the sky tonight, and we just might see it because, after the return of winter temperatures and cloud cover last week, we actually saw the sun today.

After the dark days and early nights of winter, I’m again looking forward to all that spring will bring. Eating seasonally always brings a shift in thinking, of how and what to prepare. The vegetables and fruits that you have been getting used to over the last months will soon be replaced. Brussels sprouts will soon be gone along with kale (sad face) but the tradeoff will be fresh shelled peas, asparagus, and the light, fresh greens at the farmer’s markets.

Spring cleaning is usually meant in the context of your household. Perhaps it is doing a deep clean of a closet or cupboard. What about your diet? How does spring cleaning come into play here?

Instead of cleaning your diet, I’m going to challenge you to add more in. Add in more fresh whole food and in particular vegetablesAll kinds, ALL colors, (no fries don’t count as potatoes). Try new ones, eat them raw, roast them, grate them, use a food processor (see below), use herbs and spices. As you pay attention and consciously get more vegetables into your daily diet, you will hopefully find that other things and types of food drop off that might not be serving you well and that you won’t have room for.

Need some inspiration? Drop me an email with your questions: monika@nourish-alo.com.

Despite the forecast, live like its spring”  Lily Pulitzer.

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