Spring has sprung…

Arriving back in California this week I have to say I thought that Munich was ahead in the game in the blooming trees department (but then it snowed there today… ) so really it’s anyone’s guess. I’m hoping to catch some of the super bloom here in California before it’s over and am so looking forward to seeing the mass amounts of snow still up on those mountains.

As spring season starts rolling, the trees burst green, beautiful flowering bulbs pop up, and I get excited for the arrival of all the spring vegetables. When you eat seasonally you start to miss some specific varieties. Asparagus season has just started in Munich and artichokes are what I’ve been craving since I got back to California. Another spring green that has started to make its appearance in Munich is called Bärlauch (Ramson in English.) This is a wild garlic whose leaves are used to make anything from a fresh pesto to a tasty addition to Sunday eggs. One thing I love is that you can go into the English Garden and harvest some yourself. What is your favorite spring vegetable?

Eating seasonally and local is one great way to ensure you are getting fresh produce directly from the farm and also a way to reduce your carbon footprint (going green…). I know the farmer’s markets in Truckee and Lake Tahoe will soon be starting up again and Mountain Bounty Farm is always a great way to get fresh produce and support local agriculture (CSA) throughout the winter months (they also have summer shares available). In Munich, the farmer’s markets happen almost every day somewhere in the city. Munich also has a local organic CSA box that can be ordered here and here(for the west side of Munich). When I was in Wellington in January, I spent some time at the Newtown farmers market and was overwhelmed as there was such an amazing selection of fruits and vegetables.

Spring cleaning your diet and getting back on track eating healthfully is easy when you use fresh produce. Work with me and reach your health goals this spring. individual and small group sessions available.

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