Vitality Bowls

Do you like your foods to touch?

Or would you rather have the different ingredients in their own little spots on a plate?

Either way, my vitality bowls are the answer to a busy weeknight meal. Prep the different ingredients and place them in serving bowls to let your guests/family decide what they want to choose (and how they want to arrange it).The benefits are that you get a myriad of nutrient-dense foods in one go. This also ensures everyone eats what they are feeling like at the present moment – any leftovers get used for lunch tomorrow.

This all in one stacked bowl is comprised of a base of sweet potato, with mushrooms, leeks, zucchini/courgette onions and bok choy on top, & seasoned with my lemon tahini dressing. I topped the whole dish with a sprinkling of sesame seeds for a little crunch, raw milk cheese from the farmers market, and finally a bit of my bright green avocado parsley pesto.

It’s spring after all and the greens are starting to make their debut. What’s on your table tonight?

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